Your Skin

Facescapes is all about skin!  Being the largest organ of the body, the skin performs several vital functions:

- Protection

- Temperrature regulation

- Sensation

- Excretion

- Secretion

-  Respiration

- Absorption

As you can see, it has a very important job.  The quality of your skin is determined by genetics, diet, stress, illnesses & medications, the environment and products.  Both modern and time-tested skincare techniques and ingredients play a vital role in improving skin appearance by reducing these negative effects.

Here at Facescapes we don't see two faces that look alike - and we don't treat them alike either.  That's why every facial is customized - specifically for what your skin needs.  


 It's all in the Consultation - 

A thorough pre-treatment consultation is the key to understanding your skin's condition, as well as your goals.  Your consultation is divided into two parts:  a conversation about your skin's health history and an examination of your skin.

We collect this information so that you can get the best possible recommendations for skin treatment and home care. Correct analysis will result in your skin responding positively and progressively to care.  

A variety of professional and home care products are then selected to address the needs of your skin.  Not only will the correct treatment be performed and applied for your skin's needs, but you will also be given the support you need to continue caring for your skin at home.  Any results we achieve during the treatment will only be temporary if proper home care procedures are not followed. 

Your Best Face Forward . . . Custom Makeup

Makeup will only look as good as the skin underneath it, which is why we place such a strong emphasis on skincare.   Every woman is an individual with her own personality, lifestyle and look.  Shouldn't her makeup be unique too?  Makeup is an accessory, no different than a beautiful piece of jewelry or scarf, a great pair of shoes or an amazing bag.

Like an artist who mixes paints to achieve the most realistic colors for their portrait, we blend cosmetic colors that will enhance your natural beauty.  With three custom-blending systems, we can fashion an endless array of lipsticks, foundations and mineral powder products that will perfectly compliment your coloring and skin type.  

Our mineral powders are made exclusively from micronized minerals that have natural healing qualities and sun protection properties.  They have a silky texture and give long lasting coverage to the skin without clogging pores.  The powders are talc, fragrance and dye free.

Lets Talk About Hair Removal

Facial . . . check; Homecare . . . check; Makeup . . . check; Eyebrows . . . oops, almost forgot.  Your eyebrows frame your face, and since we are all different, it is important to have your brows shaped to suit your face.  Also, if your brows are not groomed, eyeshadow will not go on smoothly and will appear not to be blended.  Same thing applies to all facial hair.  So, if your makeup is not blending well, consider having some facial waxing.  We offer full body waxing - from your brows to your toes!


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