Custom Facial

The facials at Facescapes are tailored to your specific skin type and the condition present on the day of treatment.  All the products and modalities used during your facial will specifically target the issues your skin is having at the moment.  I will address your concerns and inform you about what the skin examination reveals.  As your skin care therapist, it is my obligation to educate you and help you achieve the skin Mother Nature intended you to have.   

 60 Minutes                                                       $75.00

Custom Blended Makeup

Makeup completes a woman's look and speaks volumes about who she is. We will find the colors and look that suit your personality, taking into consideration anything that may affect what you want to say with your makeup, including your work enviornment, lighting conditions, the exact occasion you may be getting ready for and your personal time constraints. Three custom blending systems, including natural mineral powders, allows for an endless array of lipsticks, foundations, shadows and blush.  All of your makeup needs can be accommodated - either creating it or choosing from the ready-to-wear line. 

Times and Pricing Vary


Makeup Application

If you have a special occasion to attend or just feel like treating yourself, we also offer professional makeup applications to compliment and enhance your look.

45 Minutes                                                        $60.00

Please ask about pricing for on-location Bridal or Special Occasion Makeup.


Hair Removal

Eyebrow     $12      

Brow Shaping  $20 

Lip   $10  

Chin  $10-15

Half/Full Leg      $35-75

Half Arm     $30

Underarm           $25

Bikini/Brazilian    $25-80


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