DIY Face & Body Bar

TLC For Your Face!                  $30

Come in and have a seat at the Bar where you can nurture and pamper yourself!  After a thorough analysis of your skin and some Q & A, I will choose the products that will benefit the needs of your skin and you take it from there.  Cleanse & purify, tone & hydrate, nourish & moisturize - all with your own hands!


Makeup - it's Personal         Prices Vary

I will formulate - you will blend!  Don't you hate when your makeup doesn't match your skin?  Too light, too dark, too yellow, too pink, too dry, too greasy, too much coverage, not enough coverage!  Don't you wish you could make the perfect foundation?  Or, ever see a great color and think, wow, that would make an awesome eyeshadow, blush or lip color? Well ladies, it can be done!



2 oz:  $7.50   4 oz:  $15.00   8 oz:  $30.00 

Discover the amazing rich and creamy properties of this rare shea butter. This wonder cream, rich in vitamins A & E, melts into the skin, providing amazing healing and anti-aging nourishment. Shea Terra Organic Nilotik Cold Pressed Shea Butter is sustainably collected, naturally extracted and goes through no refining proccess. So pure and gentle, it is perfect for delicate baby skin and anywhere on the body - from your head to your toes! If this luxurious buter is too creamy for you, no worries - we have another formula that you will love. Shea Butter Extreme is a blend of 30% organic shea butter, pure aloe juice and real almond extract that absorbs quickly, leaving no creaminess on the surface of your skin. You can add up to three of Shea Terrra's oils or up to three essential oils.





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